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Alan Shearer helps the Newcastle cause with Inviting tweet.

  • Alan Shearer helps the Newcastle cause with Inviting tweet.
Times are certainly tough for a struggling Newcastle United. They have have become the laughing stock in recent months after loss after loss stripped their dignity and confidence, thus, a further slide down the table continued to be evident. 

Only one thing was possible to avoid this oncoming disaster, they had to play as a team and not as 11 separate players. This kind of problem shouldn't be surrounding a top club like Newcastle United but it certainly was and no one in the club was doing  thing to stop it.

Towards the end of the season Newcastle saw salvation through chances and luck. They managed to avoid the drop but then the air was still as the fans eagerly awaited the transfer window.  Now it is a few weeks away from the opening day of the transfer window and newcastle have had the most prolific help from an unexpected place and person.

Charlie Austin of all players was caught by many Newcastle United fans, tweeting:
"260 premier league goals!! No one is catching him @Alanshearer

To this; Alan Shearer replied: 
"Why don't you come up here and try?! #9"

This news is possibly the closest thing a Newcastle United fan can claim to be seen as a positive step forward for the transfer window after a seemingly dull and unexciting end the to the 2014/15 campaign.

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