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Chelsea to leave Stamford Bridge

  • Chelsea to leave Stamford Bridge

Chelsea’s long-term future at Stamford Bridge has been a topic that has been discussed in depth since Roman Abramovich first joined the Blues. The capacity of Stamford Bridge has been considered to not be substantial for many years.

There has been much discussion around this topic with the options of upgrading the stadium or finding a new stadium. Upgrading the stadium will almost certainly mean that Chelsea will have to spend several years with a limited capacity.

Officials believe they have found a solution with a proposal being prepared to increase the capacity of Stamford Bridge from 41,798 to 60,000. This will likely cost £500m which would be paid by Roman Abramovich.

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The options facing Chelsea officials is to spend three or four seasons to complete the upgrade while the team remains at Stamford Bridge or by finding a new temporary field for two seasons.

Twickenham has already been mentioned as a potential venue for the Blues, however it is believed that locals would not be in favour of this move.

Chelsea has become one of the best teams in the world over the past decade and it is about time they can provide the facilities their fans deserve.

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