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Mourinho Fined

  • Mourinho Fined

Jose Mourinho has been fined £50,000 following comments made to referee Robert Madley. Chelsea is reportedly furious over the ban due to the fact the three-strong commission was led by sports lawyer, Nicholas Stewart, who is a well-known Arsenal supporter who regularly visits Emirates Stadium.

This isn’t the first time questions have been made over the integrity of Stewart. In 2009, Sir Alex Ferguson was made to sit in judgement when Patrice Evra received a four-match ban. Stewart has been a part of numerous cases involving Arsenal’s major Premier League rivals.

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Chelsea is reported planning to appeal against Mourinho’s punishment. It is reported that Mourinho said that Madley was ‘afraid’ of giving Chelsea a penalty in their 3-1 defeat to Southampton. The main reason for the appeal is due to the fact that English is Mourinho’s 3rd language and this words can sometimes be misconstrued to mean different things. 

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