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Eden Hazard to play centrally

  • Eden Hazard to play centrally

Eden Hazard has risen from the bench to playing in a pivotal central role for Chelsea over their last two outings. Hazard has impressed greatly in these two performances and was key to their 1-0 victory over Norwich.

This change came after Hazard persuaded Jose Mourinho to try the Belgian in the number 10 role.

‘I said to him: “Maybe we have to try something, to change sometimes. Maybe I have to play No 10, because we have to try”.
Hazard went on to say that while he would like to continue on in that role, he wouldn’t mind playing as a winger, just as long as he gets to play.

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Hazard continued on to throw his support behind under the under siege manager.

‘He’s the best manager. He’s the best manager for Chelsea, and we hope we can win a lot of trophies together. Maybe not this season because it will be difficult, but next season and on.”

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