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Jose Mourinho Sacked

  • Jose Mourinho Sacked

Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Chelsea. The whole sage began during the clubs annual Christmas lunch where Mourinho’s sombre mood was clearly evident. This was just hours before the embattled manager was sacked.

Many Chelsea players had already left the training grounds when the decision was made. Many players and staff circulated text messages speculating over what may had been happening.

While many called for Mourinho’s head months ago, the decision was strangely timed. Mourinho shocked reporters by claiming that many of his players had “betrayed” him. Mourinho’s final weeks within the club were surrounded by a clearly distressed Mourinho.

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He became obsessed with the team’s information being leaked by a ‘rat’ following an old Porto contact telling him that they knew he was looking to drop Cesc Fabregas.

Mourinho even went as far as to keep all team news to himself so even the players were unsure as the whether they would be playing. Much of Chelsea’s training ground gossip was being released to opposition teams.

This created an almost impossible situation for Mourinho who had to change the way he was operating due to a potentially upset player leaking information.

This could possibly due to the players who wanted to leave the club following winning the league title. These players were Diego Costa, Oscar and Willian but they were convinced to stay.

Diego Costa in particular has shown that he did not support Mourinho. Costa first returned from holidays to begin preseason training and was found to be extremely out of shape. He is still not back to his previous fitness that saw him being a huge threat upfront for Chelsea. This coupled with the recent incident of throwing his substitutes bib at Mourinho following being substituted is a small glimpse and the player’s unrest.

The question must then be asked, who can come in and turn Chelsea’s season around?

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